Commercial photographer

We have photographed oil rigs, refineries, compressor stations, people at work, Boards of Directors, people (lots and lots of people!), conferences, products, equipment, manufacturing processes, special events, aerials (obliques), board rooms (with and without people), home interiors and exteriors, hotel rooms, sunrooms, sports, and many many more situations. We have captured images from as far south as the oil fields of Louisiana and Texas to native settlements as far north as Alaska. And many more between.

Clients have consisted of organizations & associations, realtors, renovators, builders, developers, oil and gas suppliers, agencies, local, national and international magazines, direct clients, colleges, and many kinds of industry.

Keep in mind that all our monitors are calibrated differently;
these images look great on my monitor and hopefully they will on yours as well. But they may not, because it's calibrated differently.

As a graphic designer as well, I bring to my photography an understanding as to what the purpose of a particular image is really for--how best to communicate that idea. This gives me the ability to know just how an image is to fit into the overall communication.

T: 403 276 6335
 C: 403 540 0066 

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